Document your journey into motherhood

Celebrate your pregnancy journey, it is truly special. Take this opportunity to capture those precious moments! The images will be some of your most cherished ones of this beautiful time in your life.

Let’s document your growing baby bump and the sweet intimacy of motherhood. I will guide you through natural, and organic poses that flow into each other. This way, you will feel relaxed and beautiful.

Whether it is your first baby or the third, each one of the pregnancies is special and unique. When your child is older, they will be so excited to look at these lovely photos of their glowing mama! It will be such a special memory for all of you.

The best time to capture pregnancy is between 28 and 34 weeks depending on the belly size and how you feel. During this time, mama-to-be will usually have a fairly sizeable bump and the baby will not have dropped down yet preparing for arrival.

Danielle and Nivaldo

Letana, David and Elijah

Nadia and family

Nastia, Geoff, Willow and Indigo

Kate and Lambert

Katya and Mila

Somya and Atul


Felice and Steven

Elena and Vladimir